How each Leather Product is Made; The Things You Don't See

When you look at a wallet or bag, all you see is the shell, some sewing, and some pockets. But have you ever wondered what making one of these luxury, handcrafted items really entails? Here are all the things you never see.

1. Edges

The amount of work that goes into those beautifully glossy edges you are seeing is astonishing. There could be anywhere between 30 minutes, to 4-5 hours of sanding and finishing that goes into the edges of one wallet. Not to mention the time it takes to get the same effect on a backpack or purse.


2. Hand Sewing

For a lot of leather crafters, an industrial sewing machine is out of the question. This means that they are hand sewing every single item you get. That small handbag you love so much could easily have 30 + hours of hand sewing put into it. 


3. Skiving

If you ever see a beautiful rolled edge on a leather product, chances are the one who made it thinned out the edges by hand. If you want to know what goes into doing that, watch this video. Sufficed to say though, it easily can add tens of hours of work depending on the size of the item and the length of the rolled edge. 


This is all to say, appreciate your local leather crafter more. We pour our souls into each product we make. And this is the main difference between buying small and buying big. At a designer store, you are paying a ton, for very little. When you buy from a small leather brand like ours, you are not only helping to put food on the table, you are also getting what you payed for. An item that will last you your entire life, something you can pass down to your children. In the leather world, we often joke that something we are making in the shop right now may very well end up in a museum 150 years from now. And that is true. Leather lasts forever, especially when it is used and loved for generations.


If you'd like to get your own soon to be family heirloom, look no further. Cash&Card Leather Co has got you covered.


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