Traditional techniques and superior quality

At Arandjela, we strive to create the best leather goods we possibly can, and we achieve this through sourcing only the highest quality leathers from the most well renowned tanneries, and by employing traditional techniques that have been used by master craftsmen for hundreds of years.

The leathers we use

Horween Leather

A world renowned tannery based in Chicago, IL. Horween Leather has been around for over a century, and is know for their one of a kind, dual tanning method, which gives their base line of leathers all the durability of traditional vegetable tanned leathers (saddles, holsters, sheaths) while also gaining the softness and versatility of modern chrome tanned leathers (leather jackets, shoes, handbags)

We use Horween Leather in almost every product we make, besides the NO. 100 Leather Belt.


A well known tannery based in Tuscany, Italy. Wallpier is know for their beautifully finished leathers, such as their Rocky leather, which we use for all of our NO. 100 Leather Belts

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NO. 100 Leather Belt

Made with premium full grain Itallian leather, the NO. 100 Leather Belt is the last belt you will ever need.

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NO. 88 One Piece Wallet

The NO. 88 is the perfect wallet for the minimalist. Simple and efficient in form and function, this wallet prioritizes a slim profile and superior durability with its folded design and one pocket interior.

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NO. 85 Big Dopp

The NO. 85 Big Dopp is the answer to all of your toiletry travel needs. Big enough to fit full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, makeup, bars of soap, and more, the Big Dopp is a great option for road trips when you want to bring your whole bathroom setup with you.

The Big Dopp is also small enough to take with you on a plane, and is easily collapsable so you can fit it in any bag or suitcase.

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