Why you shouldn't buy big box store leather

When going to a place like Target or Walmart, you may be tempted to just purchase that $10 "leather wallet" Don't! Here's why.

Its not real leather

I have never once seen a big box store accessory that was made of real leather. And on top of that, the material that they are passing off as leather only makes up about 25% of the wallet. The rest is cheap thin nylon and other synthetic materials.


Cost per use

You may think that you are saving loads of money by going with a cheaper option. Think again. Say you purchase that ten dollar wallet today. Within a year, you will need to replace it with a new one. Ok say you purchase the same ten dollar wallet again. Every year you are spending 10 dollars on this wallet. 

Now say you purchase a NO. 88 or one of our other wallets. You'll be spending between $68-$130 on a wallet. But at the end of the year, you won't have to replace it. Over the course of a decade, using the wallet every day, the cost per wear will have gone down from 10 a year to nothing. 


In conclusion, even though it feels like you are saving money by buying cheaper items, it is actually better to buy more expensive items that will last you far longer, and therefore will cost you less overtime.


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