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What is Horween Leather?

Since we make such a big deal about using it, it's important to know why Horween Leather is the best.

Horween Leather is renowned for its durability, rich colors, and unique character. At Cash&Card Leather Co., we source as much of our high-quality leather as we can from Horween, an esteemed Chicago tannery.

What is Pull-up Leather

Pull-up leather is a type of leather that has a unique characteristic of changing color when stretched or folded. It is often referred to as "vintage" or "distressed" leather due to the way it develops a patina over time, enhancing its rugged and aged appearance. Pull-up leather is highly sought after for its natural beauty and ability to tell a story through its evolving hues and marks.

This is why Cash&Card Leather makes as many products as possible out of pull-up leather, especially Horween Pull-up leather.

What's with the high price tag?!?

Cool your jets their buddy!

At Cash&Card Leather Co. we prioritize craftsmanship, quality, and durability over profit. Sure, we could use cheap inexespensive leather and charge less while bringing in more. But instead we use leather that is 12x more expensive, durable, and luxurious than the other guys.

Because of the concept of cost per use, buying a more expensive item that you will use every day for the next decade will cost you alot less than getting a "cheaper" product that one, you don't like as much, and two, that you will have to replace every year. Take a wallet. If you buy a $20 leather wallet, and have to replace it every year because of poor craftsmanship, over the course of ten years you will have spent $200 on a crappy wallet. But if you buy one of our wallets, spending between $45-$100, you won't have to replace it every year, or ever as our products could literally survive the apocalypse. Over the course of ten years you will have saved at least $100 and a whole lot of time looking at wallets.

That and it's because our products are cool as fuck.

How should I care for my leather?

The first step is storing it right. You should keep your leather products at room temp and away from direct sunlight. Depending on the type of leather, you may also want to keep it away from high traffic areas of your home, as some leathers pick up scratches and dings more easily than others.

The best way to care for your Cash&Card Leather Products is to use a leather conditioner. Most likely you will not need the conditioner for at least a year. Overall, we suggest Smith's Leather Balm. We will always prefer all natural products, and Smith's Leather Balm fits the bill. Made with Cocoa butter, Beeswax, and Almond Oil. However if you already own a conditioner that you like using, just stick with that. It's always best to use whatever products work best for you!